Tuesday, May 21, 2019


So for the month of May, we have had 7 inches of rain, the majority of it, this past few days.  It can stop for awhile now.  The ground is so saturated, it is coming in my basement in a place it never had before.  Mainly due to the gutter issue saturating everything against the house so bad and now it can't dry out.  
On to nicer things and my image.  I was able to photograph my first Ladybug on Saturday.  It was actually on the leaf of a weed I was about to pull.  I made sure it was alright though.


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    1. Me too! Thanks so much Lelu for the comment and for visiting!

  2. Very nice capture. Bummer about all the water. We've had a really wet spring down here in the South, but luckily, knock on wood, the rain has stayed outside.

    1. Thanks a lot Tom. You are lucky. Hope it stays that way.

    2. It probably helps that we don't have a basement here. Though, of course, the downside is no place to shelter in the event of really bad weather.

    3. The sirens were going off yesterday and I stayed out on the yard. We kind of laugh here, sirens go off, go out in the yard and look. It stayed north of us and did no big damage. Supposedly our area is protected by the junction of the rivers. So far so good.