Monday, April 1, 2019


As I make my 2053rd post here on this first day of April I am reflecting on the time spent on my first social media platform, Google Plus.  I wish the fact that it is going away today was an April Fools joke.  I met some really great people there and feel I will lose contact with them now.  They inspired me to be a better photographer.  I hope more of them will join me here as some have already.  
Well, today's image is some patterns provided by nature.  On a very cold day this past winter, not so long ago, there were beautiful ice patterns created on the storm door of the house.  They reminded me of a river of ferns.


  1. I agree about G+ and your thoughts on it.

    I can be found at:

    Pluspora: ( )

    And the new Scavenger Hunt site. If interested, take your pick. Either way, be well.

    1. Thanks a lot for the info Dan! Will look for you!

  2. Definitely a shame that G+ went away, even if I was super inactive for the last few years. It was always a pleasure seeing your posts and having interaction. I *occasionally* remember to post stuff to Instagram. But even then it's mainly been BTS stuff and misc rather than photos.

    Maybe I should get back to sharing proper photos.


    1. Hi Lachlan. I am on Instagram a bit as well. Thanks for the nice comment. I will look for you there.