Monday, April 22, 2019


Today is Earth Day officially but it should be Earth Day every day.  People need to be thinking about what they do and how it affects the environment.  It can start with your garden.  Think about plants that are good for butterflies and bees.  Plant native ones that have a better chance for survival.  You can plant things that aren't very expensive.  Zinnia from seed, Zinnias  are a butterfly magnet.  They provide food when other things have stopped flowering.  Plant Milkweed for Monarchs to reproduce.  To eat they all seem to enjoy Autumn Sedum.  I captured a Red Admiral on one of the Wild Plums growing in the area.  These too provide food for the butterflies and bees until the flowers bloom.  I was more prepared this time and had my zoom lens with me and got closer.  


  1. Gorgeous shot of the butterfly. Nice detail in both the butterfly and the flowers.