Sunday, July 9, 2017


Last Saturday and Sunday I was in Durango Colorado to photograph and ride the Durango & Silverton Railroad.  Those who follow my Blog will know that an influence on my photography comes from William Henry Jackson, who is most famous for being the one to photograph Yellowstone to help make it a National Park.  He also did a lot of Colorado railroad photography.  He has a rather well known image for those that follow his railroad work of the D&S on the High Line in the Animas River Canyon.  I attempted to re-create that shot on this trip.  I am not in the same exact place as that has been washed away I believe but I got fairly close.  I put a tone on it to make it even more similar.  I am also posting his image below mine for easy reference for those not familiar with the image.  It's a copy out of a book I have of his photography. 

Original image below by William Henry Jackson

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