Sunday, July 23, 2017


Today's photo is another one that is in the style of my favorite photographer, William Henry Jackson.  I shot this image while riding the train so the direction of it is off but both shots were taken at the same place.  This is the Durango & Silverton Railway High Line.  The train is only allowed to go 5 miles an hour along this area so it was a good place to get several shots.  I always like to sit at the rear of the train for opportunities such as this.  As you could see from my photo a few weeks back, we were quite high up, this only gives a sense of it as my camera did not take as wide an angle shot.  In the reference photo that I shared below mine, you can see WHJ's Special train that he used to travel the line and he would have been off the train on the tracks taking this photo with the train stopped at the time.  As always, you can click on each to see them larger.

William Henry Jackson's photo from my book, Rocky Mountain Railroad Album

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