Monday, January 18, 2016


Having a Holiday day today, yay.  It's very cold out though, only about 7F when I check a bit ago.  I was able to get today's image in late November.  Funny how it seems like just a week or two ago.  Anyway, I don't get Nuthatches around all that often and when I do they are in so much motion it is very difficult to get a shot of them and also isn't blurry.  I believe this one was caching food for the winter, he kept going back to a similar spot on the Mulberry tree and pecking at the bark so I think it was taking sunflower seed from the feeder and storing it up.  I was patient and waited for a possible chance to capture it and I finally got one when it paused on the trunk for a moment.  They are so cute the way they walk face down a tree unlike other birds who only seem to move up the tree.

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