Tuesday, January 19, 2016


A very winter day today, cold, dreary, maybe snow.  Yuck.  I am dreaming of summer.  Someone on G+ asked me if I had ever photographed a blue butterfly.  I have taken shots of a few varieties of blue ones.  This one is the most brilliant blue of them and the one with the most blue.  I photographed this one on a trip to Colorado a while back and this is from a Butterfly House just north of Denver.  This is a Common Blue Morpho and a very dificult one for me to get.  They are usually in flight or sit with their wings closed so you can't see the lovely blue.  This one is an older one most likely if the tattered wing is any indication but was sitting still for a bit and I was able to get in close and capture the texture in the wings as well as the color.

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