Monday, September 28, 2015


I stayed up last night and watched and photographed the eclipse.  I hope I was able to get good shots because I am tired today.  :-)  It was quite cool looking anyway.  A while back, on the last night we were in Minnesota, I was able to witness another cool night time event.  We were driving back from dinner with relatives and we saw the Northern Lights glowing in the sky.  I did not have a tripod so I used the car as a support.  I got a fairly good shot out of that.  When we got back to where we camp, I headed out with a Tripod and went in a field and got this image.  It is a long exposure image and as it was photographing, the bright part that is in the lower middle was moving across and I thought it was cool how the camera caught it.  The lights were so beautiful to watch and were that lovely green color.  It's enhanced just a bit in the photo.

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