Friday, September 25, 2015


Well the rain has been quite spotty.  One part of town gets a downpour and at my house only sprinkles.  I shared this image for my 26 week Black and White Project over on Google+.  This is for week 20!  That means only about 12 more weeks left of this year!  Wow it is going quickly.  The image this week was to show the theme of Leading Lines.  I had forgotten the project was due this week until a couple of nights ago so I was looking through images I had taken the last 2 weeks to see if I had anything and I found this.  I shot this last Saturday.  It was hanging on our garage while I was working outside that morning and was in lovely shape so I started photographing it.  The spider didn't stay in the center when I got close and I was actually kind of OK with that as I am not fond of spiders.  LOL  Anyway, i thought it worked well for the theme so here it is.  :-)

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