Sunday, November 19, 2023


 It's Steamy Sunday here on the Blog!  Today's image is of our restored 1947 Ottaway locomotive and it's train in autumn on the C&H Railroad outside Topeka Kansas.  It was a lovely warm day in November last weekend and we ran our locomotive with the newly finished cars for friends and family.  The cars have been redone with wood siding to make them fit in more with the style of the locomotive.  The cars are named for the Yellowstone Survey people to make it a national park, the Moran (Thomas) - painter on the survey and Hayden (Ferdinand) - Leader.  Our locomotive is named the William Henry Jackson in honor of our favorite photographer who was on the survey as well.  We had a great time running that day and really appreciate the C&H letting us do it that day and the friends that helped load and unload as well.

There is a short video of the locomotive running on part of the railroad HERE.

The image was taken by a lovely tree in autumn colors behind the station.


  1. Nice looking train. Bet it isn't easy to cart around.....

    1. Thank you Jim. We have a system now so not too bad.