Sunday, August 4, 2019


Today's image is another from my trip up to Nebraska to see the Union Pacific Big boy 4014 in action.  I was heading back home from Fremont where I had just photographed it leaving town. I saw some cars pulling off to the side of the highway and wondered what they were doing.  I looked in the rear-view mirror and saw smoke behind me and realized I had passed the train.  It was a surprise opportunity because I had not been able to see it alongside as I drove because the tracks took it away from the highway.  I decided to pull over as well and got an opportunity to shoot it from a different spot and angle.  The lighting in this image shows off the driver arrangement a bit better, the 4 lead wheels and then the 2 sets of 8 drive wheels and then the 4 trailing wheels.  A massive locomotive, the fireman in the window looks tiny.  


  1. Another really nice shot of 4014. Glad you got one more chance to capture it in action.