Saturday, January 12, 2019


We had a nice snow last night.  I was hoping to get some snowflake images but they were all broken up last night and then when I awoke this morning it had stopped already.  It was a beautiful clingy snow again so I went out to capture some images of that before the wind came up.  As I was going out the door I happened to look at the gloves I had left laying out to become cold and capture flakes with.  There were only 2 flakes laying on it and this was one.  I couldn't believe it still help so much detail after laying there for who knows how long.  This is an 8 image stack and isn't even enough as there are still portions out of focus.  I am pretty happy with the result even so.  Te other flake was quite unique as well and quite appropriate for me, you will see that here in the future.


  1. This is a really cool image. I've never attempted to try focus stacking. I might have to read this photographic method, and give it a try one day.

  2. Thanks Tom! If you have Photoshop, it does a very good job with even someone like me who doesn't stay very steady while shooting. :-)