Saturday, June 9, 2018


I captured this image last Friday during the Konza prairie Wildflower Walk refresher.  It was just about sunset and the clouds were making a rather dramatic sky.  The wildflowers were really blooming profusely which surprised me due to the lack of rain we have been experiencing.  We have had a bit recently and it must have come at just the right time.  In this image you can see at least 4 different varieties of wildflowers. Up front on the left and right, the pink puff balls are part of Cat's Claw Sensitive Briar, up front in the middle is Echinacea, in the middle, the orange flower is Butterfly milkweed and to the left of that and around it as well with what looks like fingers sticking up is Lead plant about to bloom.  Don't forget my pages on this site with photos of wildflowers by color to help you identify what you see of some more common ones.

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