Saturday, August 5, 2017


On my summer vacation this year I spent 3 days visiting the Grand Canyon.  I had been there before several years back but it was combined with riding the train out and back so I only spent less than a day there altogether.  This trip 2 days were spent at the South Rim and then the middle day I traveled to the North Rim which was a new experience.  It takes at least 4 hours to drive there from the south but you can see the lodge there at the North Rim from the South.  It would be easier if they just built a bridge.  LOL  Anyway, this is a 3 image panorama taken from the North Kaibab Trail looking towards the South Rim.  Kind of a different image as the North Rim is not as visited and therefore not as commercialized which was nice.Of course this image is best viewed large by clicking on it.

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