Sunday, November 29, 2015


These icy conditions are not good.  We lost poser this morning but only for a couple of hours thankfully.  I am worried it will happen again though.  This is as least as bad if not worse than the ice storm we had several years ago.  It has been kind of pretty though.  I have been out taking photos every now and then or through the window.  
As for today's image, I am going back to summer and warmer days and our trip to South Dakota.  This is at the Black Hills Central Railroad.  This is locomotive Number 7, a Prairie 2-6-2 type, that is used on days when the loads aren't so heavy due to the fact that it cannot pull as many cars.  It sits out on static display when not in use which surprised me.  I would have thought they would keep it under cover when not in use.  It was nice to see it and I like the old time style of it.

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