Sunday, November 22, 2015


Wow, it was chilly out yesterday, never made it to 40.  Today we are supposed to be warmer thank goodness.  Things to do outside.  For my image today I have one from Rollag, Minnesota at the Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion from back in September.  I took this on my phone because I was done for the day and not expecting to see anything I wanted to photograph but I was able to watch them putting the 353 away for the night and putting it on the turntable.  The turntable can be operated by only 2 people and it is quite the positioning and balancing act to get the locomotive in just the right spot to do that.  These guys are very good at it.  I was able to capture a steamy moment when a bunch of steam came out one of the cylinders and drifted down into the pit. 

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