Friday, October 17, 2014


So I have a story to share about how disappointed I am with Pentax Repair.  I shared this over on G+ today too so if you read it there sorry for the repeat.  It was 5 weeks ago yesterday that I sent my camera off for repair and it's not been fun without it, I was having to use the one I replaced and I replaced it for a reason.  Anyway all it had wrong was a cracked LCD screen and they wanted over 500 dollars to repair a 32 dollar part I can get off  Ebay but we didn't really want to tackle.  I didn't even find out until just yesterday that it would cost so much, 5 weeks for an estimate!  So through Wolfe's Camera in Topeka Kansas  I ended up with a new updated camera body.  I don't think they even usually sell just bodies like they did but they were very nice to me and gave me quite the deal on it as well even though they really didn't have to they were just the ones who helped send the camera off.  I guess it's just the small shop mentality instead of the big conglomerates and it was very nice to experience it.  I highly recommend Wolfe's Camera in Topeka if you are ever in the area.  So now instead of my lovely blue K-30 I have a lovely red K-50 which I am looking forward to getting out and using.
Hope I didn't bore you but I am so disappointed in Pentax a brand I have used for 30 years.  The cameras are still good but I really hope nothing ever happens to this one.  Anyway, if you have read this far, these are some golden Mums blooming in my yard right now. 

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