Monday, May 8, 2023


 Happy Monday!  Today's image is of one of my favorite Tulips that has returned for several years.  Unfortunately, something, I think it was the Turkeys, ate most of them and then this one to the ground so most didn't get to bloom and fortunately I was quick to get this image.  They must taste better than the red ones because nothing ever ate them.  Next year I will have to cage them to be sure they get to come up and bloom if they even can because they won't have been able to collect some energy.  


  1. Didn't know tulips have different flavours­čśŐ. Our tulips, the ones that don't get dug up by squirrels only seem to last 2-3 years.....

    1. Not sure if they do but they ate these and left the red ones. (Shrug)