Monday, January 3, 2022


 I enjoy photographing birds though they don't often cooperate with me. I'll start off the new year with this image of one of my favorite birds.  I like capturing Blue Jays but they can be difficult because they usually don't sit very long at all. I was able to capture this one posing rather well in a Pear tree at the in-laws in-between getting his/her peanuts.


  1. They are suckers for peanuts.

    One summer at my brother-in-laws cottage I was feeding a chipmunk peanuts in the shell, the chippie would run off and out it in. or by, his burrow. The Blue Jay saw what was going on, swooped down each time the chippie dropped a peanut and the burrow, and flew the stolen goods to another spot on the ground about 20 yards away. From there, once I ran out of peanuts, took his time and took them to his hiding place

  2. They are for sure. I bet that was quite fun to watch. Thanks for sharing Jim.