Saturday, December 15, 2018


Well, it's going to be like spring for several days.  Temps in the 50s.  I already saw some Daffodils coming up in a spot by my pond from another warm snap.  Not good.  I like the warmer weather though.  So the photo.  I had seen these signs on several trips but had never taken the time to stop and photograph it.  I like the old style look of them.  I was able to capture a bit of the beautiful scenery I was viewing as well on the way.  I was actually heading back to New Mexico when I got this image after a day of visiting waterfalls.  It looks fairly sunny and nice but not long before this I had driven through some torrential rain and wind.  They have been having some crazy weather as well.  I did get a shot of the NM sign as well but this one has more character.

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