Saturday, January 28, 2017


I was in the archives today and rediscovered some images I had taken a few years back when I had the opportunity to escort a photographer from the Netherlands, Philip Friskorn, on Konza prairie in some research areas not generally open to the public.  It was a great day, the weather cooperated and the Bison did as well.  Sometimes you can go out and not see one Bison but we saw quite a few and some were up much closer than this.  I chose this image because it shows the landscape of the Flint Hills off fairly well and also shows the results after a Spring burn of the prairie.  This was taken in May and the grass was returning quite well.

Note:  A pet peeve of mine is to call them Buffalo, they are not.  The settlers thought they resembled them when they saw them but they have no connection to a true Buffalo.  When publications still refer to them incorrectly it's just laziness and continues the bad information.  I am glad to see more and more referring to them by their actual name of bison.  Rant over.

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