Sunday, July 17, 2016


Well, going to be very steamy here today at 100F or about 38C.  Yuck, I liked the past few days better.  My image today is a steamy one too though they were cool at the time.  :-)  This is a view inside the Roundhouse at the Henry Ford Greenfield Village.  The Edison locomotive is one of 3 that they run.  Each one runs for a week and they rotate them.  The Roundhouse is an original Detroit, Toledo & Milwaukee Road one that they moved to the village.  It was originally built in 1884 in Marshall, Michigan.  The Roundhouse is fully functional and they do all the work on the locomotives for the Weiser Railroad here.  The large locomotive in the back is just a display one as it is too large to negotiate the curves.  It is very pristine in it's restoration and it is displayed in a way that you can get underneath it and view it's running gear and boiler from there, pretty cool way to view. 

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