Sunday, June 5, 2016


Well, my nature challenge is going to end a day late.  It's Steamy Sunday so of course had to post a train pic of some sort.  :-)  This is the railroad I volunteer at and the train I usually operate.  In this photo, because I am taking it on a break, it's the hubster operating.  One of the owners is riding behind him making sure he does things right.  :-)  Actually he's just enjoying a ride like everyone else.   This is the place where a couple of my nature photos have come from this week.  It's a 12 inch scale railroad and the train runs on coal.  As you can see in the image there are bits of actual railroad equipment around like the signal and signal box in the woods to make the place more authentic. It's a great place to play. 


  1. That's 12 inch gauge unquestionably not "scale", as there's a very big difference in the meanings. Also that appears to be a Cagney (Model "D" perhaps?) locomotive which used the rather close to scale Model "B" chassis but was fitted with a much larger boiler so as to reliably haul the public. The locomotives were produced around the turn of the 20th Century mind you.

    AS FOR The semaphore signal; that is a 1912-designed (and produced until the second World War) Union Switch & Signal Style "T-2" upper right hand quadrant three position R.S.A. Standard type.

    No doubt this example came from the AT&SF Railway, the single largest user of the type. There remain a handful in service on the former northern N.M.line. Those are the very last semaphore signals in regular Railroad service that may be found in the entire U.S. of A. as of 2020.

    1. I thought I had answered this. You are correct, my terminology was bad.
      The locomotive is an Ottoway which were produced in Wichita KS. This railroad has several and I have one.
      You could be correct about the semaphore but I do know that most of their items came from the UP. Not sure about this particular one.