Sunday, December 20, 2015


Wow, only 5 days till Christmas!  It sure doesn't seem like that or feel like that with the temps going up to near 60 F today.  I'm not fond of the wind, 30mph gusts kind of stink.  Anyway, my image for today is from Minnesota and one of the 12 inch large scale steam locomotives that some friends own there.  This is their Challenger style locomotive.  It runs on wood, Oak, and certainly heats it up enough because this image is of it "popping off" as we say.  The pressure has built up to the safety level and so the pressure relief has opened to let the excess get out.  Usually you would run these locomotives on coal.  I love the smell they produce with the wood fire though, quite nice.


  1. Eu também amo esse cheiro de lenha me faz lembrar o sertão do Ceará, na minha adolescência quando ia pro interior ����

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