Wednesday, July 15, 2015


We got lucky while in the Badlands of South Dakota that we were able to see a large number of Big Horn Sheep.  It was one of my main desires, to see one in the wild.  We saw a number of them a lot closer but I chose this one to share first because I liked how it showed the landscape.  This is Sheep On A Butte.  :-)  There are several Buttes in the Badlands.  In pioneer days because livestock could not get to the grass up on the buttes, ranchers would get the grass for them.  It was a large process of disassembling their hay cutters, hauling them up the butte, reassembly, cut the hay and then haul it all back down.  Now the buttes are just used by the sheep and other animals or birds that can make it up there.  I felt fortunate to catch an example of one doing just that.  It's best viewed large by clicking on the image.

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