Sunday, November 9, 2014


This is Cumbres & Toltec locomotive 463 moving cars around in the yard back in June.  I have been invited to a Split Tone challenge over on Google Plus and used this image as a starting point.  I had to Google how to even do a split tone.  I had seen images and kind of had an idea but for those who have no clue, this is a definition I had found:  Split Toning is an effect which has its origins in the days of film and it involves tinting the highlights in a black and white image one color and the shadows another color. The best results are where you use opposite colors for each, such as yellow and blue, green and magenta and so on.  If you are interested in seeing how it turned out, I think it worked rather well, click on the link of my name in the About Me section on the right of this page.

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