Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I got this image a few weeks ago and for some reason never shared it even though I was very excited to get it.  I was on the way home one afternoon and saw a large bird in a tree.  I turned around and went past and around so I could park off to the side of the road and shoot from the car.  I guess because I was doing that and didn't get out it was content to sit there and pose for a bit.  I was able to get several shots before it decided it had enough of me and took off.  I believe this is a Coopers Hawk.


  1. Interesting how his/her head is turned just right...! Its really checking you out!!!! I would love to see more of the wings as it almost looks distorted! heh! Lovely bird! Thanx for finally sharing Shelly!! =]

  2. I have a view from the rear that I might post where it does show more of that. Thanks so much for looking and commenting!