Kansas Wildflowers Yellow & Orange

Yellow Wildflowers of Kansas

These images have all been photographed in Kansas, mostly around my home and out on Konza Prairie.  These are the ones that are more commonly found but I got lucky at times and a few may be more rare.  All images can be enlarged by clicking on them to view details better. I will be adding more as I process photos or as I find new examples so keep checking back.  Edit: Updated with 2 new flowers and corrected one of the Goldenrod IDs to the specific variety.


Slender Greenthread

Canada Goldenrod

Missouri Evening Primrose

Fringed Puccoon

Western Salsify/Goatsbeard

Nipple Cactus

Black Eyed Susans

Prairie Groundsel

Clasping Coneflower

Curly-cup Gumweed

Sunflower - Sawtooth

Sunflower - Plains

Prairie Goldenrod

Stiff Goldenrod

 Clammy Ground Cherry - New 2019

Broom Weed - New 2019

Showy Partridge Pea - New 2019

       Common Sunflower - New 2019          
Kansas State Flower

        Yellow Rocket - New 2020                


Grey Green Wood Sorrel - New 2020